Some of the instruments for measuring the performance and properties of waterproof materials that we have in our laboratory are introduced below.

Constant temperature and humidity room

Range of temperature : 5℃-35℃(±3℃)
Range of Humidity : 40-70%RH(±3%RH)

Fatigue tester for waterproofing membrane

Range of Temperagure : -10℃-80℃
Maximum expansion and contraction : 30mm
Test speed range : 0.1-50mm/min

Test equipment for evaluating the wind resistance of anchored waterproofing membrane

Manufactured at the Tokyo Institute of Technology Workshop Centre


JASCO Co. FT/IR-4600
Measuring wave number range : 7800~350cm−1
SN ratio : 25000:1
Measuring method : ATR


HAAKE Viscotester iQ Rheometer
Measuring viscosity range : 0.001~600,000Pa・s
Rotation speed : 0.01~1500rpm

Table-top xenon lightfastness tester

Light : 1500W Xenon air-cooled lamps
Exposure area : 560c㎡

Table-top 3D shape-measuring equipment

OptexFA 3D-Eye

Centrifuge (for measuring soil pF value)

Volume: 100ml clay tube × 4pcs
Maximum rotation speed : 10,000rpm

Universal testing machine

①INSTRON, ②MinebeaMitsumi
Load cell:①10kN, ②kN
①With constant temperature chamber, ②With extensometer


Brookfield ①HBDB-E, ②LVT

Viscosity Range : ①0.8-104,000Pa・s ②0.015-2,000Pa・s

Various microscopes

Optical Microscope KEYENCE VH-50, VH-Z150, VH-Z450

Stereo microscope CP745